Now that property videos are within the reach of every advertising budget, they are a must have for a Real Estate Agents sales arsenal. BBI MEDIA Property Video Production will cost substantially less than traditional print or television advertising, and is often a great deal more effective. BBI MEDIA offers drone filming (We are CASA (RPAS) Licensed Drone Pilots) for that extra aerial shot advantage – Please feel free to call to find out more.



(*** we charge an extra $100 to do a cutdown of a video for instagram – these are under a minute long)


We have shot over 500 residential videos around Brisbane in the past 10 years – We were pretty much the first company to do such videos (I think Platinum HD may have started around the same time as us) – It was. slow start as it was a new concept back then, but since things have motored along very nicely. We pride ourselves in our work and won’t stop until you / the client is 100% happy with the outcome. We shoot anything property from the smallest apartments to the

CLASSIC – Brisbane Real Estate – 65 Upper Brookfield Road | Brookfield 

Simply heaven – This is one of our best examples of capturing a homes elegance and charm, giving the viewer a run through the home led by graphics alone.

REAL ESTATE AGENT LED – Brisbane Real Estate – 287 Haven Road | Pullenvale

Scott Edwards, one of Brisbane Real Estates top agents presents this video on tis fantastic Pullenvale hideaway – This is a perfect example of promoting a property and the agent selling it.

STYLISH – Brisbane Real Estate  82 Airlie Road | Pullenvale

When a property has a certain charm, it requires a certain look – BBI and Brisbane Real Estate, the listing agent selling this property, talked about we felt it would really work with a vintage car and some kids enjoying the surrounds – It worked.

NIGHT EXPERIENCE – Brisbane Real Estate -11 Timaru Close | Westlake

This is an example of river frontage property that really comes together at night – This is when it’s really worth the wait to get all lights singing and dancing in the house whilst shooting it

EDGY – Brisbane Real Estate – 300 Old Farm Road | Pullenvale

This property required an edgy video / Ferrari’s and quick cuts – This is property video porn at it’s best – It took a while to get right – but that’s what we do – Go back until we have a happy client and that’s exactly what we got.

CLASSIC – Brisbane Real Estate – 17 Leatherwood Place | Brookfield

This property required a classic look – A great drone shot to start sets this video up for classical living at it’s finest.

LUXURY – Seychelles Property – Villa Isabella / Glacis, Seychelles

A slice of paradise – This video took us to the sunny Seychelles Islands in the Indian Ocean – Shot with a Phantom 4 pro drone and Sony A7s2 camera I’m sure you’ll agree this property video is visually something you could watch over and over again.


Drone videos and stills are now part of most Real Estate campaigns. We suggest a Video would work well on it’s own when you are trying to sell land packages –

We operate with three drones – An Inspire 1 Pro with a micro 4/3rds camera (4k / JPEG / RAW), A Phantom 4Pro (4k / JPEG / RAW), and a Phantom 2 with a Go Pro. (All shoot 4K Video)

Our prices are based on a full service – If you are just looking for a couple of stills we can also accomodate – Give me a call on 0416 139 247 (Ben Boultbee)


Commercial Real Estate – Whether it be an off the plan video build (IE With renders) or a filmed video showing lifestyle, we can cater for your needs – We have contributed to many such videos, working largely with The Sky Real Estate Channel. The two videos below are our latest two examples of such work – There are no price lists attached to such work as every job is so different, but if you have a video you want to put together for

APARTMENT COMPLEX – Pangia Beach Hotel – 

This was a fantastic job picked up whilst in the Seychelles – Very picky clients though / We feel nothing was a problem for us and just got on with the job as per their wishes – Our moto is that the client is Number One and at the end of the day we are pleased with the outcome.

APARTMENT COMPLEX – Skyring / Brisbane – Highgate Hill Residential

We had to work closely with the client to turn this around quickly – Working with the client colour palette we were able to take their renders and add life to them  with a bit of lifestyle.

LAND PACKAGE – Brisbane Real Estate – 80 Witty Road | Moggill  ‘Manooka”

A mixture of drone and ground shots, mixed with some lifestyle is enough to make anyone want to invest in this fantastic opportunity.

MON JOSEPHINE – Land for building in Seychelles

Shots of where a potential development could happen in Mahe , Seychelles