The Services we offer –

We produce –

1. Corporate Films

Get your point across to people wanting /  needing to know what your business is all about – The usual length of a corporate video is around 5 minutes – If you are looking for new business and want to point people to a link of a fantastically made video rather than cold call this could be your weapon of mass business !! If you want to show potential employes what it is like to work for your company this could be the video for you. This video is a fantastic tool to sit on your web site , be an e-mailable video and have sitting on your social network pages – IUE Facebook / youtube/ vimeo / google etc

These videos usually start at – $3000

2. Corporate promos (short, punchy product videos)

This video is usually a shortened version of the Corporate Video (although we could make these as stand out alone videos.) and would usually be around 90 seconds in length – Short and punchy are the aim of this particular type of video.  We want to be able to get peoples attention across all social networks!!!

 These videos usually start at – $2500

3.  TV Commercials

Well who said TV advertising was dying? We still feel there is no better way to get your product across than on TV – Whether it be a 15 sec / 20 sec / 30 sec or 60 second commercial we will guide you all the way. Once a budget has been established and script been approved we will source the best technicians to make your commercial look fantastic. – We will also consult with Channel 9 / 7 /10/ to find out the best slots for your commercial and get you a full breakdown of where your target audience will be watching and then book a schedule for you.

 These videos usually start at – $10,000

However TV Commercials can be made for considerably less money as well – If you would like to know how you can finish up a commercial ready for air for under $2500 please give us a call

4. Viral Commercials

Made much like TV Commercials but can be much much more risque – These commercials are made specifically to cause a stir on the internet. Lets sit down and discuss how we can get people talking about you on the internet

– These videos usually start at – $5000

5. Infomercials

Infomercials are usually a presented product / feature video – They are often about 2.5 mins in length. An infomercial is an excellent way to let people know –

– Your Quarterly update report for either your investors / board members


– Informing people of a new product that falls under your umbrella

– Letting staff know of an important company decision / new product etc

 These videos usually start at – $1200

6. Property Video

Property videos are becoming very common in the market place – we can offer –

– A presenter led video walk through a property –

–  These videos usually start at – $1200

– An agent led video walk through a property

These videos usually start at  $700

– A walkthrough with just the camera with VO / without VO

– These videos usually start at – $700

– We can also simply cut together the pictures that you already have on your property / making a video over graphics / music

These videos usually start at – $300

7. Event Film

If you want your special event brought to life after everyone has gone home employ us to make a great event video for you. We handle events in both the corporate and private sectors.

– If you want your event filmed with a cameraman / presenter

– These videos usually start at – $1200

– If you want your event filmed with a cameraman

– These videos usually start at – $1000

8. Training films for in-house business use

Training videos are an excellent way to introduce new staff to the job and also train old staff in new ways – You may have many employees and want to get the message over to all of them – This tool is an excellent way to do just that – Either make up staff DVD’s or have the video sitting on a private link that only the person with the link can see.


BBI MEDIA will work with you from concept to delivery, guiding you through the process ensuring your message isn’t lost in the creative process.