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MEETING – Lets get to know what you want !!!

Please feel free to give us a call on 0416139247 / (07)37200636 .. no matter what your question may be – If required we will come to your place of work to discuss all types of production.

SCRIPT – Get your message across

We have extensive experience in script writing enabling you to get your idea across clearly and concisely.

From a 30 second commercial for TV to Corporate video brochure to Corporate video messages our passion is limitless. We will guide you in every aspect of this interesting journey as you work out the best message to convey for yourself / your company or your product.

SHOOTING – Lets make you / your product / your service ….. Shine

We can cater for videos requiring one camera, through to large multi camera jobs or events. We will also supply all budgeted crew and equipment required to get the job done. In house we have a small lighting kit, radio mics, sennheisser microphones, 1 x EX# HD Camera, 2 x Sony HDV Z1 cameras, autocues for pieces to camera,

EDITING – Where the story is woven together

We offer a comprehensive editing service. We have two edit suites operating Final Cut Studio 7 / we also operate CS5 – Photoshop / After Effects for effects – We edit / colourise / sound mix / then output your video to any medium you want – From a host of sizes and players (Quicktime / windows media files / AVi FIles / Realplayer ) we can have your video internet ready for any platform.

MUSIC – The ohh so important music ….

The music picked for your film will bring your film to life – We can provide any type of music that best suits your job – From an extensive library of music to written music by talented composers.

FINISHING YOUR JOB – How do you want people to see your work?

DVD – We provide a bespoke in house DVD authoring service. We can create personalised / corporate menu designs for your DVD as well as onbody and cover designs.

INTERNET FILM – All jobs can be supplied as discs or as files ready for the internet – We can also create social media pages for you such as Vimeo / youtube and put your videos on them

TAPE – We can supply mini dv / digibeta / tape dubs if needed by TV stations